Sunday, February 15, 2015

God Save America from the GOP

The GOP controlled Congress is wasting no time doling out benefits to business. In spite of the "myth" that they are the fiscally responsible party, the reality is most Republicans have no problem increasing the deficit if it will benefit business or the wealthy. It is funding for Healthcare, Social Security, Education and other social programs directly benefiting the people that the GOP is anxious to slash. They can also be expected to cut funding for the government agencies charged with protecting our food supply, financial markets and the environment.  

It is inconceivable, that after doing everything possible to obstruct the workings of the United States Government for the past six years, the American people awarded them a majority in both Houses of Congress. Sadly, the following votes, although predictable, clearly demonstrate what the people of this nation can expect. 

  • Keystone Pipeline - The House passed the bill granting approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline permitting a Canadian company to ship tar sand crude from Alberta to refineries in Texas, the Midwest and Gulf Coast
  • House Republicans rejected a Democratic sponsored motion that would have required the Keystone XL Pipeline to pay into the government's Oil Spill Liability Trust.
  • The House approved a GOP-drafted bill (HR 644) giving permanent status to tax deductions for businesses donating food to food banks. The allowable deduction was raised from 10% to 15%, The bill is not funded and is estimated to add $2.2 billion to the national debt through 2025.
  • The House rejected a Democratic motion that would deny benefits under HR 644 to any company that reincorporates overseas to avoid US taxes, a process known as inversion.
  • The House passed a GOP-drafted bill (HR-636) giving permanent status to accelerated depreciation rules applicable to small and mid-sized businesses. Since the bill is unfunded, it is estimated to add $77 billion to the federal deficits through 2025.
  • The House rejected a Democratic proposal that would have limited the depreciation breaks under HR-636 to one year and required their costs to be offset elsewhere in the budget.
Since the days of President Eisenhower, this country has not fared well under Republican presidents. Let's hope President Obama can keep this Congress in check for the next two years and that the majority of the people regain their senses before the next election.