Monday, August 19, 2013

We're the Millers - A truly terrible film

Saturday my husband and I took our grandson and his girlfriend to brunch and a movie. Left it up to him to pick the movie and he chose We're the Millers. We sat there cringing as we watched one of the worse movies I have ever seen. Afterward, my grandson admitted that all he knew about the movie was it was a comedy staring Jennifer Aniston. Snce he's an Aniston fan, he thought it would be a good film.


The movie is filled with continuing references to male and female genitals, drugs and profanity masquerading as comedy. Aniston plays a stripper, which allows her to take off her clothes several times and dance suggestively, apparently to prove that she isn't over the hill quite yet. Throughout the movie, she mugs for the camera, which I assume is to compensate for the fact she lacks any real acting ability.

Why a star of Aniston stature would sink to this level is beyond me. I would feel sorry for her, if the movie wasn't so terribly offensive on so many levels. My advice is to avoid this movie. It's a waste of time and money and under no circumstances allow your children to see it.