Sunday, October 4, 2015

America's Dysfunctional Government - Who's to Blame?

Many insist that both major political parties are equally to blame for America’s dysfunctional government. Some use this as justification for supporting the presidential campaigns of Donald Trump, Ben Carson or Carly Fiorina, who they view as non-politicians and outsiders.  However, if you study the history of the contributions and ideology of the major political parties the truth becomes clear.

The Democratic Party, while far from perfect, has consistently represented the interests of the majority of Americans. It is the party responsible for the implementation of Medicare and Social Security, which Republicans to this day are committed to dismantling. It is the party that stands for equal rights (and pay) for all regardless of race, sex (or sexual orientation) and religion. It is the party that supports raising the minimum wage to ensure all Americans receive a living wage for their labor. It is the party that, like all civilized nations, believes healthcare is a human right not an unaffordable expense. 

The Republican Party, on the other hand, has tirelessly battled to free corporations from government regulation and for reducing taxes for the wealthy. It is the party waging a never-ending war against labor unions and raising the minimum wage as wages stagnant and the once strong middle class morphs the working poor. It is the party committed to eliminating all social programs designed to protect the poorest among us. It is the party that denies the science of climate change in order to allow industry to continue to foul the earth’s air, land and sea. The Republican Party is also the party that most often advocates replacing the secular government established by the nation’s Founding Fathers with a Christian theocracy.

When conservative politicians and pundits are not directing their hateful soundbites at the poor (lazy), blacks (thugs), Muslims (terrorists), homosexuals (sinners) and illegal immigrants (criminals), they are ranting about the ineptitude of the federal government. They decry government interference in the "free market" and would put an end to the critically important role of government in protecting investors, consumers, workers and the environment from corporations concerned only about profits and the disgracefully excessive compensation awarded to their executives. If the Republican Party has its way, America’s democratic form of government will eventually be replaced with oligarchy. 

There are major differences in the platforms of the two major political parties. It is critical for the future of this nation that the majority of Americans understand this. The Republican Party today is truly the party of "No". No good can come to the majority of Americans when it holds the reigns of government.