Saturday, July 19, 2014

Isn't it time for CEO's to start doing time????

Two Supreme Court decisions have asserted Corporations have the same free speech and religious freedom rights as individuals. Yet Corporations are formed to protect their executives and their personal assets from individual liability for corporate acts. CEO's are protected by the Corporate Shield only if the corporation is completely separate as a legal entity. 

Now that the Supreme Court has ruled that CEO's are free to assert their religious beliefs in decisions affecting the Corporation, the Corporate Shield should be tossed out the window. If the Court has seen fit to grant Corporations freedoms that previously belonged to individuals, they can't have it both ways. They should no longer be entitled to the legal protections unavailable to "real" people. That means no more paying huge fines with investor money when their Corporation  defrauds the American people. Real people go to jail when they commit crimes. Why shouldn't corporate CEO's?