Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Lost Children of Detroit

Reading about the senseless shooting of three year old KaMiya French in Inkster, Michigan is heartbreaking. One wonders if the young man who shot her to make it the last thing her father saw before he shot him, too, is insane, evil or a mutant no longer human.

Sadly, some will write this off as "typical" of the violence that plagues the nation's cities. For them, this is simply another "black on black" crime that has little effect on their lives. The media may give it a bit more play because of the sheer brutality of the act, but then it will be forgotten. The media will not, however, forget about the white man who left his young son to die in a hot car.

Media bias, and more importantly, the indifference of the majority of white Americans to the violence the children of this nation's cities are exposed to on a daily basis, is a central theme of my novel, A Monster's Game. What will it take to make protecting children a national priority? I'm guessing it won't happen until the people in this country place equal value on the lives of all of our children, regardless of race.