Friday, February 1, 2013

Blogging again. After an extended absence, I am expanding my presence in the blogoshpere from lurker to writer. With any luck, I will succeed in filling this blog with interesting, funny and sometimes controversial information visitors will find worth reading.

With at least a zillion bloggers worldwide, it took a lot of soul searching to come up with reasons for me to make it a zillion plus one. The most pressing one was some of my more politically conservative Facebook friends and family are threatening to defriend me. Thus, if I want to keep abreast on what's going on in their lives I need another outlet for my occasional rants.

It is not my intention, however, to use this blog as a political and social soapbox. There are plenty of those out there already doing that who are far better at it than I could ever be. When I do stumble upon an article I believe is well written and "on point" I will share links. I will try to keep my comments to a minimum.

In the spring, I will begin posting about my adventures on a two and a half month long European tour my husband and I have been planning for over a year. On April 20th, we will board a 16 day transatlantic cruise on the Celebrity Refection. This will kick off a journey that includes three more cruises and several weeks of independent travel by car.

As an avid reader, I will also be using this blog to review some of the books I have read. Hopefully most of the reviews will be favorable, although I expect some will not, since I'm a stickler for telling the truth.

Finally, I will occasionally share my trials and tribulations as an author. With three books under my belt, I believe I'm getting better at doing what I love most, but that's up to readers to decide.

Wish me luck and if you are so inclined stop by to keep me company. It can get awful lonely in the blogosphere.